Description of Service

Khat is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of designer-quality goods offered at great values to the consumer. Our products mostly use high quality fabrics and are handcrafted.

Note:- This company is registered as shugam clothing.

Pricing policy

Prices are exclusive of taxes, but not any custom charges that may occur for international deliveries, or transaction fees that you may be charged by your bank for making a payment in a different currency to your holding account. We reserve the right to adjust any prices or shipping amounts at any time without notice.We have done our best to display our items as accurately as possible on the Site. Please be aware, variations in style, color, size, shape and look may occur. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please review our Shipping & Returns section for further assistance.

Contact Us

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our privacy standards please email Although we have taken all kinds of security measures for the protection of personal information, we cannot guarantee complete protection.You provide all personal information at your own risk.

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